The Driving Dilemma

The Driving Dilemma


The Driving Dilemma Package

Videos and handouts that cover:

The skills needed to drive safely so that you can have a deeper understanding of what needs to happen for your loved to be able to drive safely.

Conditions that interfere with the ability to drive safely so that you no longer wonder why your loved one struggles with driving.

Signs that someone may not be able to drive safely so that you can stop worrying if your loved one is driving safely.

A system to help identify and navigate family dynamics so that there is less pain and frustration dealing with family members.

How to identify and deal with family members in denial so that you can move forward as a united team.

How to make the health care provider part of your team so that you don’t need to make this transition alone.

Next steps so that you don’t have to worry about what to do next.


 In addition to the videos and handouts you will receive:

Access to monthly live Q and A video sessions with Sue McCann so that you don’t have to wonder or worry if you are missing something.

Access to previously recorded sessions so that you can learn from other people’s questions.

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